William J. Ogles joins the Arkansas Bar Association's 2020-2021 Young Lawyers Section Executive Council as an At Large Representative.

Ogles joined Dover Dixon Horne as a new associate, at the beginning of the year. Will is dedicated and has a unique talent for identifying the individual needs of clients. We look forward to watching Will’s progress as he continues to develop strategies for delivering the best results in the most efficient manner possible on behalf of his clients. [More]

Marriage 101

By Adrienne Griffis

I have always thought that the government should offer an informational seminar on the legal effect of marriage before doling out marriage licenses like playing cards at a poker table. It only takes about $60 and half an hour to get married in Arkansas; however, ending that marriage can take months to years and cost thousands of dollars. I have had many clients tell me, “I wouldn’t have even gotten married had I known [insert provision of marital property law which is obvious to attorneys but apparently shocking to some laypeople].” Regrets aside, there are several common misconceptions about ownership of property that are better addressed prior to saying “I do.” Welcome to Marriage 101. [More]