Acting Revenue Commissioner Gehring, Regulation Revisions, and Other News from Tax Advisory Council Meeting

The Arkansas Tax Advisory Council (TAC), an advisory group comprised of DFA leadership and tax professionals, convened for its quarterly meeting on August 14.  

Leadership from DFA provided an update that Assistant Commissioner Paul Gehring is acting as Commissioner of Revenue while Commissioner Walter Anger is out of the office recovering from a medical situation.  Since Assistant Commissioner Gehring is going to handle the Commissioner's role in making final determinations in Director's Revision requests, do not direct protests or related matters to Assistant Commissioner Gehring.  Instead direct protests to Senior Counsel Joel Dipippa,, or use the standard address.

In other news, the TAC also heard an update on planned revisions to DFA rules.  Proposed major updates to the general sales and use tax rules are expected in the next few months, likely sometime in September or October.  After the proposed updates are released, DFA will convene several days of hearings for stakeholders to comment on the proposed rules.

The TAC also discussed Wayfair and Arkansas's response.  DFA has set up a special web page to help remote sellers come into compliance.  Apparently DFA already has had a number of remote sellers register, through its own website or through the Streamlined Sales Tax website.  The TAC discussed whether the state should also consider marketplace seller collection legislation.  While marketplace collection would solve some administrative headaches with respect to small sellers, it creates its own administrative challenges.

The TAC will meet next on November 13.  Please contact us if you have questions about this past meeting or tax administration concerns that you would like to have raised at the next meeting.

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