Mixed Messages on Arkansas Implementation of Wayfair for Remote Sellers

While there have been no fundamental changes since our prior post on the state's options for taking advantage of Wayfair's termination of the physical presence nexus rule, evolving discussions and inconsistent guidance warrant an update: State leaders are still evaluating their options and appear to be leaning toward legislation in the 2019 legislative session. Informal DFA interim guidance indicating that remote sellers should collect does not appear to be supported by any actual binding law. [More]

Tax Reform and Relief Task Force Tries to Prioritize But Hits a Snag

The Tax Reform and Relief Task Force met on Wednesday, June 26, and two days of scheduled meetings were reduced to a short two-hour morning session. Mid-way through the Agenda the co-chairs announced that the Department of Finance and Administration had discovered a major error in the projected cost of income tax reforms that is sure to have an impact on Task Force recommendations. [More]

How Will Arkansas Respond to the Wayfair Decision?

With the recent Supreme Court decision in Wayfair having removed the traditional physical presence nexus rule, states are determining how to respond and move ahead in ramping up efforts to collect sales and use taxes from remote sellers. While Arkansas does not have a South Dakota-style economic nexus status on the books and ready to come into effect, as a Streamlined Sales Tax state, Arkansas is well positioned to adopt a regulatory or statutory change to require remote sellers to collect tax. [More]